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Compare Wireless Communications Systems
Expandable 2x10 2x6 6x21
Battery Type Ni-Cad Lithium Lithium
Construction Lexan Plastic Lexan
Hands Free Open Mic No Yes Yes
Number of Channels 4 2 2 to 6
Clear Channel Technology No No Yes
Frequency 450 Mhz 1.9G 2.4G
All Switchable between O and D Yes No Yes
Manufactured Japan China USA
All In One No Yes Yes
Traditional Belt Packs Yes No Yes
Durability Rating Scale 1 to 10 10 6 10
Cost of a 2 up 3 Down System *$1,995.00 *$3,495.00 *$3,495.00
  * Price shown includes trade in discounts.
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